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Why Choose Solid Oak Dining Furniture

January 29, 2014 9:12 am

Nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice because they are able to choose from a wide range of materials and products when purchasing dining furniture for their families. Apart from having access to a diverse array of visual effects and finishes, they can also invest in sustainable materials with the main aim of protecting the environment. Of all the different types of hardwood, solid oak is continuing to enjoy a significant surge in popularity throughout the United Kingdom due to its numerous benefits. The following are some of the main reasons why you should consider choosing solid oak dining furniture:

1. Aesthetics of Oak

As compared to many different types of wood, solid oak furniture comes in a wide variety of impressive colours and patterns that not only enable it to go well with nearly any type of interior decoration, but also create a focal point for your family and guests. Notable colours include French grey, charcoal, bone, white, cornflower blue, ivory, soft grey, and jute. The wood’s attractive grain markings bring out its natural texture, enabling it to produce rustically stylish chairs and tables. 

2. Oak is Easy to Maintain

It is a fact that no one likes the idea of spending a lot time and money maintaining or repairing their furniture after buying it. Unlike other types of hardwood, solid oak needs polishing only twice a year to keep looking great and elegant. Due to the fact that it is resistant to dust and other types of stains, it does not need regular cleaning. However, you should always treat your cherished dining set with a lot of care as no piece of furniture will stay in perfect condition for long if it is abused. Avoid putting hot pans and dishes directly on the wood as this can easily interfere with the finish. Instead, use table mats with felt backs when placing hot items on the table. You should also avoid exposing your furniture to strong cleaning agents, wine, or coffee. 

3. Strong But Light

The fact that the set is light in weight makes it very portable. This means that once you have it inside the house, you will have no trouble moving it from one place of you dining room whenever you want to change its position. Cleaning your eating area will also be easier since you will be able to lift the light table and chairs and take them back to their original positions without asking anyone for help. This feature is also useful when moving houses. They save you the stress of dealing with heavy items when moving to a different location. Unless you have a large number of items, you will not need to hire a huge and expensive moving van to help you relocate.

4. Flexibility

The solid wood is very versatile in that it can be can be crafted into a variety of styles. Contemporary and traditional designs can be achieved with ease using this unique wood and you can find any style from Spanish, Italian to the American colonial. If you want, you can also have the furniture customized to suit your personal needs. 

5. Durability

Even though solid furniture made from oak is relatively expensive as compared to other types of wood, it is worth the cost. Because of its incredible durability, it is very capable of lasting for generations without breaking, sagging, crumbling, or wearing out. In addition, it is resistant to stains and scratches. In case it starts to lose its glow after years of usage, you will only need to sand and polish it lightly to bring back its original colour and warmth