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Established in 1867 by the Great, Great, Grandfather of the current Managing Director Ben Burbidge, the company boasts a rich heritage in woodworking. Originally a manufacturer of wood turned sports equipment such as cricket stumps and croquet mallets, the company expanded in 1900, to supply a wide variety of wooden products for both textile and engineering applications.

Following the Second World War, when regular production was temporarily halted to concentrate on producing war products, in particular wooden bullets to supply to the armed forces for target practice, the company re-emerged from the devastation that was the Coventry Blitz to resume production in a newly re-built factory at Burnsall Road.

In 1973, after the acquisition of a second factory site in Coventry and acknowledging the success and potential growth of the kitchen industry, Burbidge began to develop its own kitchen product range. Soon the company name became synonymous with both excellent product design and an uncompromising stance on quality.

With an esteemed heritage in the design and production of kitchen cabinetry, it was a logical evolution to move into the production of this collection of complimentary kitchen and dining furniture.

The Kitchen Furniture Co. collection boasts simple honest design combined with luxurious timbers, sumptuous paint finishes and an unwavering attention to design detailing and quality.

Designed and produced in the same UK workshop as our kitchens; you will find the dining tables, chairs and stools are also crafted with equal attention to detail and exacting quality standards.