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Importance of Family Dining

November 16, 2013 7:15 pm

Everyone’s so busy these days; life just doesn’t quit. Work, work, work. Ferrying the kids to school, or dance classes, or birthday parties. And you want to see your friends, and there are your hobbies, and passions, and you need to squeeze everything into a scant 24 hours a day. How do you do it? And within all this: how, and I mean really, how, are you supposed to find time to eat together as a family?

Perhaps a beautiful new oak dining table and matching chairs are just the excuse you need to find the time. Your rewards could be unexpected, but significant.

Did you know that eating together at least five times a week can have enormous benefits for you and your family? Research shows that when families eat together, children are less likely to develop problems such as obesity or eating disorders. They are more likely to achieve better grades at school and have high self esteem. And your household will become a happier place. The beautiful new oak dining table and matching chairs don’t seem such an extravagance after all, do they?

At the Kitchen Furniture Co there is a range of luxurious oak dining furniture that could be just the catalyst you need to get everyone around the table together on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be for dinner. Breakfast or lunch are just as good. It’s all about sharing a meal and catching up with each other.

Of course, you don’t have to splash out on new furniture to be able to eat a meal as a family. But if you’re one of those families that has fallen out of the rhythm of eating together, new furniture will make these occasions feel even more special; more of a treat.

Don’t think that you have to cook something extra special every time; you don’t. Even a takeaway is fine if you’ve no time to cook, as long as you’re eating it together. But if you do cook, make it something simple, nutritious and tasty, rather than fancy and time-consuming. Encourage the kids to help think of menus, and let them help to prepare the food if they’re old enough. Even small children can be trusted to stir the soup or grind a bit of pepper, and they’ll enjoy the involvement. When you all pull your chairs up to the table you’ll feel a joint sense of achievement which your children will be thankful to you for.

If your children are old enough, why not hand over the reigns completely? Teenagers might relish the sense of responsibility, and surprise you with their creativity. Have you never seen Junior Masterchef? Give your children a chance to test their abilities. They really will be grateful to you for it, even if they have difficulty expressing it verbally!

Speaking of which, eating and talking together can help to boost your children’s vocabulary, even more than reading (research, again). You can use these get-togethers to talk about any number of things, from family history to what went particularly well today. Or badly. Even in a close family it can be surprising how much we don’t know about each other.

Oak is quite a dense material, and can have the ability to quell and soften; but that’s not why you would choose oak for your dining room furniture. You choose it to create a focal point where everyone can come together and be themselves. Why not have a glance at the Kitchen Furniture Co’s selection of beautiful tables and chairs, and imagine you and your family making an effort to be together and enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t actually have to be much of an effort, and the rewards could be enormous.