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Painted Kitchen Furniture Is On Trend

September 23, 2013 9:51 am

The popularity of painted furniture has taken the design industry by storm over the last year or so. Designers and television personalities such as Kelly Hoppen and Kevin McLoud have made painted furniture trendy again, and shown us how to use it to add another dimension to our kitchens and dining rooms. Inspiration for painted furniture often comes from texture and raw materials; think along the lines of drift wood washed up on beaches and coastal colours such as washed white, light grey and pastel shades.

Introducing the painted furniture trend into your home can add a modern and edgy twist to any room, allowing solid wood pieces of furniture to take on a softer, more elegant guise. This type of furniture can work really well in kitchens and dining rooms, and The Kitchen Furniture Co range by Burbidge brings you the very best on-trend painted dining room tables and chairs and kitchen stools that combine quality craftsmanship and design with the option to make your furniture completely unique.Following the washed and muted colour trend, The Kitchen Furniture Co. range is hand painted for you after choosing from a selection of fifteen different pastel shades that replicate the on trend farmhouse style bespoke furniture look and feel

And then there’s the rise of the British furniture manufacturing industry, with the increasing trend for homeowners to ‘buy British’ and support the UK economy. Rather than pick up something cheap and cheerful from Ikea or similar stores, there is much more lean towards spending that little bit extra on an investment piece of furniture that is going to stand up to the rigours of family life and last for years to come. Quality, solid wood furniture is the way forward here, with a focus on longevity and top end materials that objectify the desire for high end kitchen and dining room furniture without breaking the bank. The Kitchen Furniture Co. range meets this brief perfectly, with all tables, chairs and stools in the collection made using only the best solid oak available.

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